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Tragic Car Accident Kills Wife and Unborn Baby

A tragic car accident made it into the New York Daily News this week, due to the sobering circumstances surrounding the accident. A young and newly married couple was in the back of a taxi cab when the vehicle drove off of an interstate in North Carolina and into a tree.

The husband, a man with the initials W.R., insisted that the emergency medical team save his wife first because he knew that she was pregnant with their first child. Unfortunately, W.R. was not aware of the fact that his wife was killed instantly in the wreck. Shortly after making his request, the husband died in the hospital of his injuries.

The couple was married in May, and had only recently announced that they were expecting their first baby. W.R.’s mother says that his selfless plea was characteristic. The young man lived for his young wife, and his mother claims that up until the end they were always focused on each other. W.R.’s mother told the New York Daily News that they had just found out about the pregnancy, and the couple had only just begun telling people.

The 25-year-old mom-to-be kept her ultrasound photos in her purse. The couple was heading to North Carolina to attend a college friend’s wedding and was on their way to the airport when the accident happened. Authorities say that the couple was sitting in the backseat when the crash occurred. The hired driver was still in the hospital on Wednesday.

Charges have not yet been filed against the driver or the car company. While the investigators are still working out details, there are reports that show that the driver’s actions directly contributed to the collision. If you have been injured in a car accident with a hire driver, or if your loved one died in an accident of this nature, discuss a lawsuit with a New York City personal injury attorney today.