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Plaintiff Sues New York City for Wrongful Death Pedestrian Accident

A heartbroken mother will sue New York City for the wrongful death of her four-year-old daughter. The child was killed in a pedestrian accident that gained much attention because of the delayed response of the 911 services. The mother says that the emergency medical services took too long to arrive at the scene of the accident. Had they had a faster response time, the mother believes her child would still be alive.

The young child was struck by an SUV while walking with her grandmother to school on a sidewalk in New York. A 17-year-old was driving the vehicle, and lost control during a police chase. He ran directly into the child and her grandmother. The grandmother also suffered serious injuries, but survived the crash.

The cause of the accident is still under investigation, the city officials acknowledge that there was a four-minute delay in the dispatch of a vehicle to the scene of the accident. The mother says that no amount of money can help her to recover from the death of her daughter, but she believes that the New York City emergency response teams should be held accountable for their slow response.

If you have been injured in a pedestrian accident, or if you were injured and had to wait an unnecessary amount of time for an emergency response vehicle you will want to explore the options for litigation. Currently, this highly-covered lawsuit is gaining attention and exposing errors in the New York City emergency medical team. If you believe that you are also a victim of slow response time, or if your loved one died because an ambulance did not arrive at a proper time, then you can also seek compensation. Don’t hesitate to contact the firm immediately!