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Tanning Beds Often Lead to Cancer!

Teenagers and young women often want to have a deep, dark, exotic tan. When summer comes to a close, these women like to keep up their tan by visiting a local salon. Yet research shows that indoor tanning before the age of 35 can increase melanoma risk by up to 75%. Still, about one-third of all white high school girls head to local tanning salons on a regular basis to get the color tone that they desire. The New York Daily News says that teenage girls tend to disregard the skin cancer risks, despite warnings at school and in the salons themselves. According to the Centers for Disease Control, teenagers under the age of 25% are at a heightened risk for melanoma that has sometimes been evaluated at about 102%. A recent study shows that melanoma in teenagers and white Americans is steadily increasing. The risk increases by about 1.8% with each additional tanning session per year. Six states within America have put bans on underage tanning. In Texas, California, Oregon, Nevada, Vermont and Illinois teenagers cannot use tanning beds unless they are over the age of 18%. Despite bans, the CDC study shows that about 44% of all white girls have used a tanning bed in the past calendar year. Tanning salons are a $5 billion per year industry, and the business doesn’t plan to close down because of studies proving the high risk of melanoma. The CDC says that they want policy action to help expose the skin cancer rates and explain why it is dangerous for young girls to frequent these locations. The World Health Organization has classified tanning beds as being carcinogenic to humans, and the US Food and Drug Administration warned that using them can lead to very serious health risks. If you want more information about tanning bed risks, or if you have develop cancer from a tanning bed and now want to seek medical damages, hire a New York City personal injury lawyer at Greenberg & Stein immediately for assistance.