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The Firm Files Suit in Slip and Fall Accident

A client at Greenberg & Stein says that she was injured after tripping near the entrance to her mother-in-law’s nursing home. The plaintiff claims that she was approaching the entrance to the home when she noticed that there was construction going on. The contractor at the worksite told the plaintiff to be careful as she stepped into the construction zone where works were laying floor tiles. While she received a verbal warning, the plaintiff claims that she did not see any signs that attested to the fact that there was construction going on. Despite doing her best to carefully navigate into the nursing home, the plaintiff’s flip-flops got stuck to the tile glue on the floor. The incident caused her to fall face forward onto the sticky floor.

While the plaintiff’s sister-in-law allegedly saw the slip and fall accident, she is unwell and doesn’t want to be involved. Supposedly, the plaintiff filed an occurrence report at the facility on the date of the accident, and this created complaints about construction that was going on without permits at the nursing home. When investigators came to photograph the scene of the accident, they found that the workers posted bright yellow “working men” warning signs. If you have been injured in a trip and fall accident at a construction scene where no signs were posted, then you may have the ability to seek a settlement based on premesis liability.

At Greenberg & Stein, we want all of our clients to have a chance to gain damages from the party at fault. That is why we are fighting on behalf of this particular victim. You need to contact a New York City personal injury attorney today if you have experienced a similar injury and want compensation for your injuries. We are here to help you as you seek justice in your situation!