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Greenberg & Stein File Suit in Slip and Fall Accident

Slip and fall accidents are a frequent occurrence in New York City. Many times people will slip on icy sidewalks in the winter or in slippery pools of water on a tiled floor. In some cases, the slip and fall accident is the plaintiff’s responsibility. This is especially true if the accident happened at the victim’s home, or a business that is owned by the victim. Yet if a person is injured in a slip and fall case in a public place, such as a hotel or a shopping center, then this can lead to the potential for a personal injury lawsuit.

Recently, a client came to the New York City injury attorneys at Greenberg & Stein after slipping in a pool of water. While the plaintiff believed that the water may have come from a balcony above, an investigator believes that the water came from a leaking wall and ceiling in the building. There were no water stains anywhere else that could point to a water leak from the balcony, but photographic evidence shows that there are water stains on the wall between the elevator and service staircase in the building where the plaintiff slipped. We chose to represent this individual because we believe that the owner of the property had the responsibility to take care of the leak before it posed a safety hazard.

This slip and fall accident would be considered a premises liability case Greenberg & Stein intend to battle against the defendant property owner in court and prove why preventative action would have spared the victim from suffering. If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident like this one, and you believe that your accident could have been prevented if a property manager had taken precautions, then you need to contact the attorneys at our firm today to seek representation!