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Greenberg & Stein have Filed Suit on Behalf of a Trip and Fall Victim

In New York City, most people walk to and from their office to the subway, and then walk from the subway station to their home. Because there are so many pedestrians in this large city, there are a lot of opportunities for tragic trip and fall accidents. In the city, officials and property owners are responsible to keep the walkways near their shops or buildings clear of obstructions and void of barriers. When a sidewalk is uneven or a doorway is raised, it can lead to a trip and fall accident. Often when there is no warning posted about the uneven doorway or sidewalk, the injured victim has the right to seek a settlement. Recently, a client came to Greenberg & Stein after a trip and fall in front of an entrance that led into 50 West 23rd Street. The plaintiff claims that there was a misleveled sidewalk right outside of the entrance that caused the client to stumble.

While a security guard inside of the building allegedly saw the accident take place, he did not come out of the vicinity to offer help. A student who watched the accident rushed out to help the victim. A friend of this good Samaritan called 911 when it became apparent that the plaintiff was seriously hurt. If you tripped and fell because of an uneven sidewalk, then you may have the right to file a premises liability claim and seek a settlement. This plaintiff most likely has medical bills that need to be covered and has probably lost wages while recovering from the injuries. If you are in a similar situation, then hire Greenberg & Stein to help you through your case and to aid you in litigation. You deserve to be compensated for the pain and suffering that you have experienced because of another person’s negligence!