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Texting at Red Lights: A Dangerous Activity

In high traffic areas like New York City, it is a bad idea to text, even if stopped at a red light. Many drivers assume that it is okay to text as long as the car is not actually moving. Because of this, many people choose to send a text message or read an incoming message at a red light when stopped.

In fact, data from a Huffington Post survey reports that 63% of all drivers between the ages of 18 and 29 text while at a red light. 53% of all adults between 30 and 44 text at red lights, and 40% of all adults between 45 and 64 admit that they often text at red lights as well.

Regardless of whether a driver is texting at lights or in moving traffic, texting behind the wheel increases the possibility of a traffic accident to 23 times the average possibility of a crash. New York City is one of the most dangerous places to text and drive. This is because there is a lot of stop and go traffic. A driver looking down at a text message may fail to brake when all the vehicles ahead respond to a traffic signal.

A texter may also be unable to see a pedestrian dashing across the street because he or she is looking down rather than focusing on the road ahead. Cab drivers in New York should take special care to avoid texting at red lights. This is because the cab drivers take liability for any injuries to passengers while they are in the car. If you are the victim in a taxi cab accident, then you have the right to seek compensation from the party at-fault. Talk to a New York City personal injury attorney today to learn more about seeking compensation for New York car accidents.