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Broadway Actor Seriously Injured on Spiderman Set

Broadway actor Daniel Curry was seriously injured when his right ankle was caught in a hydraulic stage lift. The theatrical performer says that he doesn’t want the mechanical device that injured him to be altered in anyway until his experts can examine, photograph, and test it so that he can use this information as evidence in his lawsuit.

He argues that if the lift is altered prior to his lawsuit he will not be able to evidence that the hydraulics lift was solely responsible for his serious injuries. He wants to make sure that Foxwoods Theater and the production team on Spiderman is held responsible for his severe injuries.

Curry was injured back in August, but he isn’t the first cast member to be injured during the show. Another performer, Christopher Tierney, fractured his skull, ribs, and shoulder when he fell 20 feet from a state platform and was not caught by his safety tether. Another stuntman says that he sustained multiple injuries when the computers that run the lifts were recalibrated to hold his weight during rehearsals. As a result, the machinery sent him flying into a wall in April of 2011.

Eight Legged Productions claims that electrical operations were not a factor in Curry’s accident, but the young actor begs to differ. If you are a Broadway performer who has been injured on the set of your show, then you may be able to seek compensation form the production company or the theater for your accident.

You may be able to obtain compensation for all medical bills as well as reimbursement for unpaid time off work. In addition, you may be able to gather punitive damages for your pain and suffering. Learn more by contacting a New York City personal injury attorney at Greenberg & Stein today!