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Dangerous Pain Pill Manufacturer Goes Missing

Reumofan is advertised as a Mexican dietary supplement that has a loyal following in the United States. It is listed as a 100% natural medication that is supposed to treat arthritis and joint pain. It is made by a company called Riger Natural which is centered in Mexico. According to the label, the pain medication includes odd ingredients such as shark cartilage and glucosamine along with traces of white willow. Yet the intriguing pills may not contain any of these ingredients and the company, Riger Natural, may not even exist.

According to an investigation by USA Today, Riger Natural is a company using fake addresses. Mexican health authorities have been unable to locate the pill manufacturer, and companies that used to ship the product say that all contacts to Riger Natural have disappeared. U.S. consumers continue to purchase Reumofan to cure their arthritis and joint pain by buying bottles of the medication over the internet. While the drug continues to be a popular online purchase, it does not come without risks.

USA Today reports that dozens of consumers have suffered serious and life-threatening health effects from the pills. Some have suffered liver injuries, others strokes, and some severe episodes of bleeding. Three individuals have died after taking the medication. The extent of injured individuals who take this medication cannot be known because many of the incidents are never reported to the FDA. The FDA has already issued several warnings about this medication.

If you have been injured because of Reumofan pills, then you will want a hardworking New York personal injury lawyer on your side to help you seek damages for your injuries. Unfortunately, lawsuits will have to wait until the company is located. Thousands of Americans purchase Reumofan from a reseller that has already conducted a recall. If you want more information, then contact an attorney today!