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The Dangers of the da Vinci® Robot

It sounds like something from a future world: the da Vinci® robot is a medical robot that is able to perform surgeries with the dexterity and grace that a human cannot even accomplish. Allegedly, the robot is able to minimize the possibility of human error in surgery. Instead of being next to the body at the time of the surgery, surgeons are able to direct a robot to do the manual work for them while they control the machine from a computer in the operating room. But there are dangers of the da Vinci robot.

While the medical development may sound like a state of the art discovery, attorneys are now investigating records of serious injuries in relations with the surgical robot. The robot has been slowly making its way into hospitals throughout the U.S. since 2000. Last year alone, it was used in over 350,000 procedures nationwide. Santa Fe and Albuquerque hospitals are equipped with the robot and it is used on a regular basis. Yet as use of the da Vinci® system increases, so does the potential for medical malpractice situations.

More and more injuries and adverse effects are being reported in relation to the robot. In the past, individuals have filed lawsuits because of tears and perforations of the organs, arteries and body tissues. As well, the robot has been known to cause burns to organs, arteries and body tissues which can have damaging and long-lasting effects. There is also a possibility of wrongful death in connection with the use of this robot. If you want more information about the da Vinci® robot or if you were injured during surgery because of this machine, you need to talk with a New York City personal injury attorney at the firm right away. With the right lawyer on your side, you may be able to gain financial damages as a result of your injuries.