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Puddles Can Cause Serious Slip and Fall Accidents

In New York City, sporadic rainfall, leaky pipes, or even a spilled soda can cause a puddle on the paved roads and sidewalks. While puddles are a common sight, people often forget that they are a serious slip and fall hazard. Property owners are required to maintain the premises around and directly in front of their building, which may mean taking care of puddles that have collected right outside of their residency or place of operation.

When puddles are not cleaned up promptly, it can result in a very serious slip and fall incident. Recently, actor Zac Efron broke his jaw after he slipped in a puddle and hit his jaw on the hard pavement. He now has to recover with his jaw wired shut. The 26-year-old allegedly slipped in water that was at the entrance of his Los Angeles home.

If you suffer a slip and fall injury at the entrance to your home, chances are that you will be able to seek compensation. Yet if you suffer a slip and fall accident on the street, at a store, at the office, or in a variety of other properties which you do not own, then you may be permitted to seek compensation. Contact a lawyer at Greenberg & Stein right away if you want to learn more about your rights when it comes to slip and fall accidents.

These serious accidents can lead to head injuries, traumatic brain injuries, broken arms and legs, muscle tears, lacerations and more. If you require medical attention then you will want to contact the person responsible and petition for compensation. Don’t hesitate to hire our New York City personal injury firm right away If you would like to learn and get the information that you need to sue the responsible party!