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Family Sues NYCHA For Metal Scaffolding Electrocution

A child with the initials L.D. was only five –years-old when she grabbed ahold of a metal scaffold outside a housing project and was taken aback by a very strong electric shock. The child had just left her grandmother’s home in Red Hook, Brooklyn when she brushed her hand against the metal and felt the extreme shock. In a panic, she fell against the metal, suffering a shock once again. Ever since the metal scaffolding electrocution incident, the once bubbly and excited child has become quiet and morose. Her parents describe her as fearful and say that she has to pass the spot where she was electrocuted five days a week. Every time that she passes the spot, she grips her father’s hand very tight.

The scaffolding that caused the incident remains in place. Investigators discovered that the scaffolding was charged by a life wire that was running up against the metal. NYCHA claimed in the past that it had fixed the live wire problem prior to L.D.’s electrocution. She was hospitalized after the incident, and is still suffering after effects, such as pain near her heart, a year after the incident took place. The little girl now goes to therapy after her injuries and she now refuses to touch anything metal.

The city Buildings Department issued a stop-work order and hit NYCHA with a building code violation shortly after L.D.’s accident. The lawyer for L.D.’s family claims that NYCHA discovered the breaks in conduit bringing electricity to lights in a scaffolding shed but they did nothing about it. The family is now seeking $10 million from NYCHA because of the accident. Electrocution injuries like this one can have long-lasting changes, such as behavioral alterations and other medical complications. If you have been electrocuted due to another person’s negligence, then you need to contact a New York City personal injury attorney at Greenberg & Stein to assist you in your case today! Don’t hesitate to call the firm right away.