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Measles Outbreak Tied to Texas Megachurch

According to NBC News, a Texas megachurch was the root of a measles outbreak that has already sickened 21 people including a four-month-old baby. The state and federal health officials say that the measles outbreak is only expected to grow in the future. One doctor writes that it is likely more people that attend the church will be susceptible. Even those who don’t attend the church may be at risk to catching the illness because it is highly contagious.

So far, all reported measles cases in the area are linked to Eagle Mountain International Church in Newark, Texas. Allegedly a visitor who traveled to the church from Indonesia was infected with measles when he was abroad, and then brought the illness back to the unvaccinated church community, infecting many. Infections even spread to the day care center at Eagle Mountain International Church.

Texas State health officials announced a warning about the outbreak on August 16th, and are contacting those that may have been infected. While this outbreak is centered in Texas, measles outbreaks can occur in any state. This year, there has been 159 cases of measles. In past years the illness has killed up to 500 people and has hospitalized as many as 48,000.

Health officials warn that measles is so contagious that 90% of all unvaccinated people will catch the illness. It is a respiratory disease that is spread by sneezing or coughing. As well, those that are diagnosed with the illness will get a fever, runny nose, and sore throat with a characteristic red rash that will start on the face and then spread to the rest of the body.

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