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11 Injured in Brooklyn Fire

Authorities say that 11 people were rushed to hospitals after a Brooklyn fire erupted in an apartment building. According to reports, the fire started around 9:15 a.m. on Thursday morning in a three-story brownstone on Chauncey Street. Firefighters had to use saws to cut through some of the bars on the windows at the apartment building in order to get in and rescue the victims inside. Adults, children and animals were evacuated from the building. Four adults are critically injured after the fire.

Teams are still investigating the fire, but witnesses claim that they saw an arsonist start the blaze, Allegedly she forced open the door and poured gasoline all over a stairwell in the morning before lighting the flammable liquid. One witness said that she saw people kicking out the windows of the building to get out before the fire consumed them.

The fire department reached the scene of the fire in three minutes, but the fire, fueled by gasoline, had already spread to two floors. One victim was found unconscious from smoke inhalation in the apartment. Investigators believe that the fire was started by a crazed ex-girlfriend looking for her ex-boyfriend and banging on the door to his old apartment building. What she didn’t know was that the man that she was looking for left the building about a year ago. When he ever answered, the woman became angry, and chose to burn the building down in rage.

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