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Elderly Woman Killed by Truck at Senior Residency

An elderly woman in the Lodi, New Jersey area was killed when she was hit by a dump truck while taking out her trash. According to New York Injury News, the woman moved outside with her trash bag towards a gated trash dump area. The 90-year-old was close to the garbage area when a long-time maintenance man who was driving the dump truck backed straight into her. He had no idea that the woman was there, and claims that the accident was completely unintentional.

The details surrounding the accident are still spotty as officials investigate the situation to determine exactly what lead to the lady’s untimely death. The driver of the dump truck was visibly shaken after the accident and was taken to the hospital by ambulance to be treated for shock. The fatal accident occurred on August 14th, 2013. The waste management company may be held liable for the woman’s death, or her family may choose to litigate against the driver of the dump truck personally.

Accidents at senior living homes are often thoroughly investigated because of the rampant abuse and negligence in these homes. Whether your loved one has suffered from abuse at a nursing home, or if your loved one was hit in a pedestrian accident similar to this one, you need to hire a personal injury lawyer to help you set things right.

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