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Mother Prepares to Sue School for Son’s Drowning Death

A devastated mother plans to sue the school that her son once attended before he died in a drowning accident. According to My Fox NY, the 16-year-old boy was autistic. He was at a swim class at his school when he drowned in the water, unable to keep himself afloat in the deep end. His mother is now preparing the paperwork to sue the school for negligence in caring for her child. The mother says that she wants to preserve all evidence related to her son’s death and use it in her case.

The school targeted is Burlington County Special Services School in Westampton. The devastating incident occurred on November 1st. The child was at an aquatics class when he was allegedly left unsupervised. At that time, he was unable to swim and sank to the bottom. The Burlington County Prosecutor’s Office has already declared that the death was incidental, and the school superintendent has yet to comment on the situation. The legal filing has not been made official yet.

If your child is unsupervised at school and suffers injury or dies as a result, then you certainly have the right to seek compensation in a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit. You may be able to seek damages on the grounds of negligence if you can prove that any other reasonable caretaker would have acted differently in the situation at hand.

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