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8 Common Construction Equipment Accident Injuries and How to Determine If You Can Sue

Construction is a multi-billion-dollar industry that employs countless individuals and helps the world advance with new infrastructure. Construction workers have a hard job, as they spend long hours on a job site, operate around powerful and dangerous equipment, and often do not have some of the protections provided at other places of employment.

There are many common construction equipment accident injuries that affect both workers and passersby. Heavy equipment and machinery injuries happen frequently in the construction and manufacturing industries because this type of equipment is used daily.

Victims of construction equipment injuries sometimes operate the equipment; other times, they were simply in the area when the accident occurred. Regardless of your circumstances, you should consult with a personal injury attorney at Greenberg & Stein in the event of a construction accident.

Those that are injured because of heavy equipment and machinery may be able to have missed time from work and expensive medical bills covered if someone else is liable for the injuries. There are many situations in which the negligence of another construction worker, the company, or the equipment contributed to an accident that otherwise could have been prevented.

Types of Construction Heavy Equipment and Machinery

According to the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), heavy equipment and machinery accidents are one of the leading causes of severe and fatal injuries on construction sites.

In many situations, basic safety standards are neglected or ignored when using powerful heavy equipment. As a result, victims get caught in the wrong place and at the wrong time. In an instant, their future may be jeopardized by permanent and crippling injuries.

Heavy equipment and machinery accidents result from a number of factors. Often, these kinds of accidents include one of the following types of heavy equipment:

●      Backhoes

●      Bulldozers

●      Cherry Pickers

●      Cranes

●      Dump Trucks

●      Electric Hand Trucks

●      Excavators

●      Forklifts

●      Loaders

●      Trenchers

Additionally, heavy equipment also includes farming equipment, industrial and factory machines, and warehouse equipment and machinery.

Common Construction Equipment Accident Injuries

There are many different contributors to construction equipment accident injuries in the United States. While this list does not include every type of accident that can happen on a construction site, it includes some of the most cited reasons that resulted in serious injury or death:

  1. Backing up vehicles or machinery
  2. Falls, typically from scaffolding
  3. Colliding with another piece of equipment
  4. Dropped loads
  5. Machinery entanglement
  6. Failure to check blind spots
  7. Objects falling from forklifts and other equipment
  8. Pinning workers between the equipment and stationary objects

Workers that operate at industrial facilities, manufacturing plants, and construction sites face more dangerous work environments—the biggest reason is that they operate with or around heavy equipment and machinery. One mistake with the equipment can lead to severe, life-threatening injuries or death.

Tragically, in many instances, the accident could have been avoided. Construction companies sometimes fail to adhere to health and safety guidelines. Additionally, they may continue to rely on and use equipment that is unsafe and needs to be replaced.

In other circumstances, another worker may act negligently and cause injury. If this is the case, the accident could have been avoided, and therefore, the responsible party is liable for your damages. Injured victims of construction heavy equipment and machinery accidents are entitled to damages for their medical bills, doctor visits, missed time from work, and emotional suffering.

Heavy Equipment Operating Errors

Many heavy equipment and machinery accidents happen because of human error. The most common construction heavy equipment accidents occur because of reasons like failure to check blind spots or backing up into a person.

Though not every construction injury is intentional, there are often precautions that were avoided, which can prove liability. When someone acts negligently and contributes to your injuries, the operator is responsible for covering your expenses related to your welfare.

Though accidents occur at construction sites every day in America, many are preventable. Consequently, speaking to a lawyer about the details of your case will ensure that it receives the in-depth examination it deserves. Greenberg & Stein may be able to take legal action and secure financial relief if you were injured because of another operator’s negligence.

Heavy Equipment Collisions

In many instances, heavy equipment collisions contribute to significant or life-altering injuries. Operators have been known to collide with stationary objects. Other accidents may involve a piece of heavy equipment crashing into another piece of equipment.

Additionally, dropped loads and machinery entanglement are common reasons for construction heavy equipment accidents. Equipment and machinery that carry or move heavy objects can cause horrific damage, such as maimed limbs, brain injury, and even death. This is why following safety guidelines and manufacturer recommendations for using heavy equipment and machinery is incredibly important.

Qualified Legal Representation for Your Construction Accident Injuries

Construction heavy equipment accidents can be fatal, and even if you are lucky enough to survive, you may deal with life-altering injuries. It may displace you from work, which makes paying your bills difficult. Additionally, medical bills from ER visits and surgery can add up quickly.

You should not remain silent if you believe someone else or the construction company contributed to your accident. Negligence cannot be tolerated under any circumstance, especially when it alters your life negatively.

Reach out to Greenberg & Stein to speak to a personal injury lawyer. We have years of experience working with construction accident cases, and we want to help you receive fair compensation for your injuries.