Falls are responsible for 35% of all construction-related fatalities, making them the most common cause of construction worker death in the United States. According to OSHA (the Occupational Safety & Health Administration), scaffolding, fall protection, and ladders were among the most commonly cited OSHA violations in America.

Can I collect financial compensation after a fall injury?

At Greenberg & Stein, P.C., our tem of New York City personal injury attorneys are committed to helping construction workers obtain the financial compensation that they need and deserve. If you suffered a fall, our team can help you pursue money for your medical bills, noneconomic damages, and other expenses. Contact us immediately to learn more about your legal options with our firm; we are available to take your call 24 / 7.

Is my employer liable for fall accidents?

Construction work is dangerous, so construction site employees must be very careful to avoid on-the-job injuries. Additionally, construction site managers, employers, and owners are obligated to provide reasonably safe work environments for construction workers. This includes safety gear (such as fall protection) and construction machinery that functions properly.

How to Identify & Avoid Fall Hazards

OSHA standard requires workers to be protected from falls exceeding six feet in height. In other words, construction workers should never have to work near an unprotected ledge that equals or exceeds six feet. Guardrails and personal safety systems should be used to avoid falls.

Many fall injuries and deaths are related to unsafe scaffolding. In addition to the danger of exposed edges, unsafe scaffolding is susceptible to collapsing on and underneath workers. According to OSHA’s training materials, a competent person must supervise as scaffolding is built, disassembled, or taken apart.

For some jobs, such as roof work, the employer may be required to provide workers with a full-body harness for fall protection as well.

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