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Church Bell Lawsuit Gains Attention

A man from Rhode Island is suing a local Catholic church, claiming that the tolling of the bells contributed to his failed marriage and his mental well-being. According to the New York Daily News, the plaintiff believes that the bells toll about 700 times a week and this has damaged his own psyche. The individual with the initials J.D. took up his case in a federal court recently, claiming that that he deserves compensation.

J.D. is also seeking legal help in ordering the St. Thomas More Catholic Parish to reduce the number of daily bell ringing sessions. J.D. told the Providence Journal that he has already complained to many people concerning the building, and now he needs to complain in the federal court. J.D. says that when he and his wife purchased their home in Rhode Island, the church did not use their bells with the frequency that it does today. The bell was upgraded so that it would operate electronically six years ago. Other residents say that it chimes at least three times a day, but sometimes more depending on whether there is a church service or another event.

J.D. says that the bell clangs more than 36,000 times per year. The diocese says that the community enjoys hearing the bell and it only rings for a few minutes each day. The diocese also says that J.D. has committed personal and inappropriate attacks against the church. He has harassed visitors, worshipers, and the staff at the church out of anger stemming from the bell ringing. J.D. claims that the bell breaks noise ordinance laws. The diocese argues that the church was exempt from noise ordinance laws because it is a place of worship. If you have suffered mental disability because of a nuisance, then you may be able to compensation from a liable party. Contact a New York personal injury attorney at Greenberg & Stein today for a free consultation!