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Wrong Way Escalator Accident Leaves 5 Injured

Massive panic arose on January 7th when commuters ran to catch their trains and buses at the Exchange Place PATH station in Jersey City. Many were bunched onto an escalator, hoping to make it to their vehicles in time, when the escalator suddenly lurched forward and then began moving in reverse direction. The crowded moving staircase began descending, leaving commuters in a panic. Five people on the stairs were injured when they were caught in the middle of the mayhem.

According to The New York Times, the escalator was carrying commuters up from one platform in the station to the next. The PATH station is about 75 feet below the main street. When the escalator started moving backwards, people began screaming for the case to stop. A video that was posted on YouTube shows commuters in a flurry as they scream “Stop!” and yell for personnel to come to the scene of the accident. Many of the men and women on the escalator received bruises and cuts from falls that they took when the escalator changed directions. Three of the passengers aboard were taken to local hospitals after the accident. One woman said that she suffered extreme back injuries from the tumble that she took, and another woman sprained her ankle when the escalator switched directions.

A third victim left the transportation station in a wheel chair with a neck brace. Those who were injured because of the default elevator will more than likely want to seek compensation from the party at fault for the accident. Chances are that victims will either go after the transportation station for their premises liability in the accident, or will go after the escalator maintenance workers for making an accident that caused so many injuries. Regardless of which company has to foot the bill, those who needed medical attention and lost wages after the accident will doubtless seek compensation from another party.

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