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Subway Deaths in New York City Spur Investigation into Underground Safety

In light of the six subway-related deaths that have taken place in the last month and a half in New York City, officials and citizens alike are calling for investigation into what can be done to improve underground safety. New York City’s subway system is known for being one of the safest, largest and most traveled in the world, and now officials are looking to make it the safest. The Manhattan borough president and other officials and transit advocates recently sent a letter to the MTA’s Inspector General asking for a more in-depth investigation of these recent accidents.

One of the accidents that occurred in Midtown on December 3rd involved a man who was pushed onto the subway tracks and was killed, and another individual committed suicide by going onto the tracks on January 22nd. These subway deaths have gotten the attention of Councilman Vaca, who is chair of the council’s Transportation Committee. He plans on holding an emergency hearing in the near future to gather opinions and ideas from safety experts, mental health professionals and other transit experts from around the world. The Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) is also asking the opinion of riders and has released posters inside of subway cars to instruct riders about how to remain safe.

One of the main safety trends among subway systems is the installation of screen doors on platforms to prevent people from going onto the tracks. These doors prevent passengers from committing suicide or falling accidentally, and give people an overall feeling that their subway is safe and comfortable. MTA officials are exploring this additional safety measure, but many riders are taking action on their own. Just last week, the Transit Workers Union Local 100 passed out fliers to ask passengers to sign a petition that urges the MTA to take action.

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