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Who Pays for a Traumatic Injury While Traveling?

If you are traveling and suffer from a traumatic injury, you may wonder: who pays for a traumatic injury while traveling? Who is liable for the accident? Many private insurance companies don’t pay for any care that occurs outside of your home country. This means that if you are injured on a Mediterranean cruise or a backpacking trip in Northern Europe, then you may not be covered.

Oftentimes, you can make sure that your medical costs would be taken care of by purchasing travel insurance. Policies are available that can cover a variety of different medical emergencies that may happen while you are on vacation. If you are seriously injured while in another country, your best option may be to leave the country that you are visiting and fly home to receive treatment. You should search for a policy that will cover the expenses of medical transport that has a doctor or nurse on board to fly you home and then receive medical treatment there.

If you are the victim of a traumatic accident, you may also suffer from emotional distress, and require extensive rehabilitation. In these circumstances, you will want to identify legal resources that will help you pay for the long term and unexpected costs of your recovery. For example, if you were harmed in a double-decker bus accident in London, you may be able to sue the company for negligence in operating the vehicle and receive punitive damages.

Likewise, if you were on a cruise and there was an accident on the ship, then you may be able to seek compensation form the cruise line. You will want to explore your options with the help of a New York personal injury lawyer at Greenberg & Stein today. With the right attorney on your side, you won’t have to worry about the legalities of your lawsuit.