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Child Electrocuted in a Swimming Pool

A devastating accident resulted in the death of a child electrocuted in a swimming pool when she decided to go swimming this past week and was electrocuted upon entering the water. Investigators discovered that a power line fell nearby the pool, and the line was resting partially in or near the water. When the 11-year-old girl waded into the Brookside Swim Club pool in Florida, she was immediately electrocuted by the charged water.

Reports show that she reached up and grabbed a metal ladder, which caused the accident. The president of the swim club where the accident happened says that she saw the little girl go through electric shock after reaching out and touching the metal.

The president of the swim club says that individuals ran to assist the child, but they were all getting shocked as well. Eventually, the team got a body board and got it under the victim, while holding her head up with a kick board.

The victim was transported to the Wake Forest Baptist Health Lexington Medical Center, and pronounced dead on arrival. Officials have closed the pool until further notice. Electric shock injuries are surprisingly common. This is partially because individuals don’t realize the dangers of an electric shock or how easy it is to suffer from one.

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