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Toyota Recalls 700,000 Vehicles

Toyota has to recall more than 700,000 vehicles over a rear-suspension issue that can affect the breaking system and make it difficult for a consumer to keep control of the vehicle. According to reports, the company already tried to fix this rear suspension issue on their vehicles, but the first fix didn’t work. Because of this, the car manufacturer says that they will need to recollect all of the cars and try another repair.

In all of the recalled vehicles, the rear tire rod can fail causing the driver to lose control of the vehicle. The car company will recall more 2006-2011 RAV 4’s and some 2010 Lexus HS 250h Sedans that have the same problem.

One victim of the rear-suspension defect told news reporters that her husband was driving their Toyota when he suddenly lost control. The driver had to speed across a passing lane and crash into a median in order to stop the car. A tow truck then took the car to a nearby Toyota dealer, who diagnosed the problem claiming that it was a result of broken suspension part.

The issue had allowed the steering wheel to flop without any control whatsoever. The victims in this particular case had been told that the suspension issue was already taken care of, but then learned that this was not the case. The car needed to be re-recalled after the suspension. A Toyota spokeswoman admits that Toyota has received multiple reports of crashes due to the rear-suspension error.

In fact, there have been several crashes and at least three reported injuries because of this error. Don’t hesitate to talk about this issue with a New York City personal injury attorney if your Toyota was recalled and you involved in an accident because of the defect. With the right car accident lawyer on your side you may be able to seek punitive and compensatory damages.