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Cab Driver Hits Pedestrian and Apologizes After Accident

A pedestrian was severely injured in SoHo several weeks ago when a cab driver ran him over. According to the cab driver, the sun was blinding and he could not see anything on the lower Manhattan street where he was driving. The 30-year-old man who was walking across the street was not identified but was rushed to a local hospital for treatment. Allegedly, he was walking across the road when the cab driver turned left, slamming into him. Surveillance footage shows that the driver ran over the victim’s left and arm after the victim falls to the ground. Then, allegedly the cab driver put his vehicle in reverse and rolled over the man once again.

Despite the violent collision, the cab driver will not be charged for his crime. This is because the distraught taxi driver says he could not see anything, and was trying his best to driver safely and obey traffic laws when he turned the corner and hit the pedestrian. One witness to the accident told the New York Daily News that the taxi driver rolled over the victim’s shoulder and then rolled back over the vulnerable victim again. Emergency workers arrived moments later and took the injured man to the hospital. He is expected survive and is being treated for head trauma.

Witnesses say that the driver’s argument that the sun glare was responsible for the accident is legitimate. Witnesses say that the sun glare was very bad and it was difficult to see in front of you. The driver hopes that the victim will recover soon. If you are injured in a pedestrian accident in New York City, then you can seek compensation for the incident. Hire a New York City personal injury attorney to help you in your case right away!