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The Firm Sues on Behalf of Elderly Woman with Negligent Driver

Many individuals who cannot drive will hire a shuttle service to pick them up and take them to their appointments and engagements. According to our plaintiff’s claim, she was always picked by a driver who is referred to as “Victor.” Supposedly, Victor drove the elderly woman to Jacobi Hospital for dialysis. As she was exiting the vehicle, which was owned by Ambu-Traos Ambulete, the elderly woman tripped and fell to the ground.

She claims that the driver did not use the lift that is installed in the shuttle and instead asked the elderly woman to use the stairs at the front of the vehicle. As she attempted to navigate the stairs, the woman lost her balance. She claims that she has a negligent driver since the driver of the shuttle was trying to help her but then dropped her near the bottom of the staircase. The woman fell backwards and hit her head on the vehicle. The emergency medical service workmen who arrived on the scene say that the woman gave conflicting accounts when they asked her what happened.

According to her story, the elderly woman felt light-headed after the incident. Still, the driver insisted that he would guide her through the side door without her walker. The elderly woman’s daughter says that at the time of the accident, her mother should have been seated near the driver. As well, the lift should have been lowered and the woman should have been allowed to user her walker to navigate to the lift, which would have lowered her to the street. The daughter claims that Ambu-Traos Ambulete should have aids which accompany the passengers in the shuttle and help them when they need assistance with a wheel chair or a walker.

The driver should not have been the one with this responsibility. While other patients at Jacobi Hospital may have seen the incident happen, the daughter in the case says that she believes that all the witnesses will be biased. This is because many patients know the driver and believe that he is generally a nice person. Victor no longer picks up the plaintiff for her appointments. If you have been harmed by a service worker at a medical facility or a shuttle service, then you need to contact a New York City personal injury attorney for help.