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Greenberg & Stein Files Suit in Police Brutality Case

Police officers are supposed to maintain a peaceful atmosphere and protect the citizens of their city from harm. When an officer fails to do that, and instead hurts a victim, it can be cause for a lawsuit. Recently, a plaintiff came to Greenberg & Stein after he had been shoved by a police officer. The victim says that he attended a Wall Street protest as a medic. He was standing near the protest when an NYPD commander walked up to him and shoved him violently in anger. The plaintiff says that he did not fall when shoved, but he corrected his balance by stepping back on his left leg and twisting it.

The plaintiff tore his ACL on this leg back in 2004 or 2005 and has been wearing a brace on the leg as it continues to heal. Because the officer caused him to twist the leg at an awkward angle, his recovery from ACL surgery was reversed. When he arrived home after the protest, his ankle was swollen and he went to the emergency room for treatment. The plaintiff claims that he tried to get the officer’s badge information after the assault but another NYPD officer quickly came and pulled the angry policeman away.

Since then, we have worked with this plaintiff to try and identify the assaulting officer so that we can proceed with this case. We believe that the officer was a “borough commander” with three stars on epaulettes. Our plaintiff has narrowed the suspects to two men on the NYPD website. If you were harmed by a police officer and the officer had not justification to treat you in this way, then you need to contact Greenberg & Stein today to help you on your case. We are dedicated to helping the victims of police brutality in New York City, so contact us today to set up a consultation.