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Spa Treatment Results in Tragic Burn

A woman is suing a local spa in Georgia after she claims that a facial left her with a tragic burn on her face and a terrible scar. ABC News reports that the woman went to a medical spa and requested a photo facial from a doctor who was primarily known for his ability to give foot treatments. She left the spa with a hole burnt into her cheek when the treatment when wrong. The woman says that she had a scab on her face from a previous injury, but the doctor just simply ripped it off during the procedure and continued the facial, leaving her with a burn wound.

After investigation, the victim discovered that the man who offered her the treatment was a podiatrist, and was only licensed to do medical work from the waist down. The woman is now suing the spa for their lack of care for her and the scar that they left on her face as a result of their negligence. The spa workers are not willing to comment on the case at present.

When doctors perform procedures that they are not licensed to complete, it is a serious concern. The physician could even be prosecuted criminally or lose his or her medical license depending on the gravity of the case. While this incident occurred in Georgia, spa accidents can happen in virtually any state in America. If you receive a dangerous and injurious spa treatment from a doctor not licensed to do the procedure, then you may have the right to seek compensation as well.

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