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Albany Authorities Consider Laverne’s Law

Laverne’s Law is a bill that has been presented to authorities in Albany for review. Because the legislative session ends at the end of this week, the politicians who are in the Legislature for this area need to draw a conclusion on the bill in short order. One assemblywoman says that she is optimistic that this bill will be out of committee this week and will be voted on before the close of the session. The bill is a medical malpractice measure that would extend the statute of limitations and change it so that more misdiagnosed patients would have the ability to seek compensation.

Currently, New York is one of six states claiming that the statute of limitations begins immediately at the time that harm is done to a patient. The problem is that many patients don’t discover that they were a victim of medical malpractice for months or years. For example, if you are misdiagnosed then you may suffer from a disease for years without realizing that it has gone untreated.

This bill is named after a woman named Laverne who died recently of lung cancer after the hospital failed to tell her of a mysterious mass in her chest after an X-ray. The woman was unable to complete a successful lawsuit because of the statute of limitations, and died in May from her illness. More than 25 senators have already signed onto Lavern’s Law, but they believe that the Senate will have a hard time passing the bill because of the hospitals and insurance companies that are so opposed to it.

If the bill is passed, it will change the statue of limitations so that it will start when the victim discovers his or her malpractice case. The victim will then have an allotted amount of time to decide whether or not to file a lawsuit. If you want more information about Lavern’s Law and medical malpractice cases then you need to talk to a New York injury attorney at Greenberg & Stein today!