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Pit Bull Mauls Two-Year-Old at Grandma’s Home

A two-year-old boy was killed on Monday when he was at his grandmother’s home and wandered into the backyard, where she kept five pit bull mix dogs. According to the grandmother’s claims, she came home and asked her son, the toddler’s uncle, where the child was. Family members searched for the little boy, and even asked neighbors if they had seen him recently. They were shocked and devastated when the child was discovered in the backyard in the middle of a pack of pit bull mixes. His body had been mauled. The child was rushed to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

The child’s uncle attempted to resuscitate him until the paramedics arrived. Both the uncle and the grandmother at the home have now been cited for child endangerment and will have to appear in court on these charges. Five adults and three children lived in the home, along with seven dogs including the five pit bulls that were located out back. According to a family friend, the dogs had never been characterized as aggressive before.

A neighbor says that she complained about the dogs months ago to animal control because they kept her up barking late at night and in the summer heat they created quite a stench throughout the neighborhood. The dogs didn’t seem restless, she told The Los Angeles Times. Instead, she said that they simply seemed to be starved for attention. Lawmakers in many states have created provisions so that dog owners can be held liable for attacks causing death or injury. If your loved one was injured or attacked by a dog in the New York City area, then an attorney at Greenberg & Stein can help. With the right New York City personal injury lawyer on your side, you may be able to seek damages today!