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OSHA Announces Heat Illness Prevention Campaign

Every year, thousands of workers become sick after they are exposed to heat. Some even die from the extreme temperatures that they are forced to perform heavy labor in these conditions. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) says heat illness prevention of deaths and injuries available. Most often, construction workers are at risk of heat illness. This is because these individuals are normally doing intensive physical labor outside, regardless of the temperature. Also, workers who have to wear bulky protective clothing outside for protection are at-risk to heat stroke are at risk to heatstroke.

Heat illnesses normally occur when sweating isn’t enough to cool the body down. Sometimes humid conditions or particularly stifling temperatures can result in serious injury because the body can’t take the heat. Body temperatures will typically rise to a dangerous level and the individuals will suffer a variety of illnesses. Workers respond to heat sicknesses in different ways. Some people will develop a heat rash, while others will have heat cramps or heat exhaustion. Some workers will end up with heat stroke, which can cause unconsciousness. Those that suffer heat stroke should receive emergency medical attention immediately. This is because untreated heat stroke can result in death.

OSHA says that all heat illnesses can be prevented if workers are given adequate water, rest, and shade. Employers need to educate their workers about how to detect the early signs of heat sickness and ensure that they are drinking enough water during the day. Employees should be encouraged to rest between jobs in order to stay safe, and to gradually work up to working in hot conditions. If you have suffered a heat illness because your employer was not sensitive and caring when you were working outside on a hot day, then talk to a New York injury attorney at Greenberg & Stein to seek compensation today.