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Lengthy Recovery with Burn Injury Seeking Compensation and Disability

If you suffered a severe burn injury on-the-job, in a car accident, or in another situation, then you may be able to seek disability for the amount of time that you will need to recover. The Social Security Administration will want to know about the extent of the burn, whether it is a first degree, second degree, or third degree burn and whether or not there is major scarring or infection associated with the illness.

Third-degree burns are the most serious of the three categories. Many individuals who suffer third degree burns will also suffer other health complications. Victims may not be able to walk or may need to recover without much movement for up to one year or longer. Victims with these wounds can typically receive SSDI, at least temporarily. You will need to prove that your burn debilitates you from working if you decide to attempt to receive disability.

You can also seek compensation from any parties responsible for your burn injuries. For example, if you were on the job when there was an explosion and you were burnt escaping from the blast, then you may be able to sue your employers or the industrial company where you were located. Also, if you were at a restaurant and suffered severe burns when a waiter spilled scalding hot water on you, then you can also seek compensation from this establishment.

Whenever you are injured, you should question whether or not the injury was preventable. If so, discuss your case with a New York personal injury attorney and determine what action could have been taken to prevent the injury from occurring. With the right lawyer on your side, you may be able to get the compensation you deserve during your recovery to cover all medical bills as well as your pain and suffering.