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Litigation for Brown Recluse Spider Bites

If you are a worker who is bit by a brown recluse spider while on the job, you may be able to seek compensation for your medical costs. This is because brown recluse spiders can cause extreme damage and injury. The brown recluse is an arachnid that belongs to a group of spiders called violin spiders or fiddle backs. According to the OSHA, these spiders have a toxic venom that can have serious health implications for a victim. The spiders like to hide in dark, enclosed or narrow spaces. Oftentimes workers won’t see the spider until after it strikes.

All brown recluse spiders are between ¼ and 3.4 inches and are golden brown. They have a dark violin or fiddle shape on the top of their leg attachment region and the neck of the fiddle points back towards the abdomen. Brown recluse spiders only have six eyes, whereas most spiders have eight. The eyes are arranged in pairs on the head. The spider builds small retreat webs behind objects such as dressers, storage cabinets, bins, or construction tools.

If you suffer from brown recluse spider bites, victims can experience a wide variety of symptoms. These symptoms will vary from none to extremely severe depending on the worker’s reaction to bug bites and toxins. The bite will normally redden within several hours. Most victims report that they suffered restlessness, a fever, chills, nausea, weakness, and joint pain after the bite. The tissue at the site of the bite and surrounding area will die and will eventually shed off of the body.

Individuals can avoid brown recluse spider bites by wearing long-sleeved shirts while working and making sure to wear gloves and boots while handling any stored boxes, rocks, lumber, or other stacked items. Workers should inspect and shake out clothing and clothes before getting dressed and should use insect repellants on clothing and footwear before going to work in a storage unit or another place where the spiders may be present.

Victims bit by the spider will need to clean the bite area with soap and water and apply ice to the area. The victim should elevate the bitten extremity and seek medical attention promptly. If you are seriously injured, then you can contact an attorney promptly for more information. With the right lawyer on your side you can be sure to get the financial support that you need.

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