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Causes of Car Accidents in NYC

No two car accidents are the same, and each accident scenario has unique factors that should be handled and addressed as such. According to the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles, there were 307,550 total crashes that injured 177,445 people throughout the state in 2011. This is an astonishing statistic, and drivers must always be aware of the possibility of an accident when they get behind the wheel and the many causes of car accidents in the city.

There are certain causes and factors that are more prevalent in accidents than others and many of these factors are avoidable by exercising the proper care and caution. Here at Greenberg & Stein, P.C., we have handled a diverse range of causes of car accidents throughout New York City during our years of practicing personal injury law, and we have compiled a list of the most common causes below.

  • Distracted Driving
    When drivers become preoccupied with an activity that takes their attention away from the road, they are endangering themselves and every other driver in the area. Distractions can include eating while driving, applying makeup, adjusting the radio, trying to read a map, or more. Some of the most common distractions, however, involve cell phones. Talking on the phone while driving and texting while driving are some of the most dangerous distractions because they can distract cognitively, visually and manually.
  • Aggressive Driving / Road Rage
    Drivers who are in a rush tend to make spontaneous and risky decisions on the road. They can easily become stressed, aggravated and even infuriated, and this can lead to losing control. Aggressive driving tactics such as excessive lane changes, speeding, tailgating and others can put other drivers at risk as well.
  • Defective Equipment
    With all of the new models and cars being released every year, it is no surprise that some designs are more problematic than others. When the equipment of the vehicle was not designed or manufactured properly, a driver can get in a wreck even though he or she did everything right. From faulty brakes to steering wheel problems to tires that were not aired up properly, there are endless possibilities for defective equipment.
  • Tired Drivers
    Fatigue and drowsiness are real problems that plague many drivers on the road today. Those who are required to drive long and continuous distances for their job or other reasons are especially susceptible to fatigue, and this is a dangerous situation to be in for several situations. Fatigued drivers have slower reflexes and cannot respond as quickly to sharp stops or turns. More importantly, tired drivers can fall asleep.
  • Unsafe Roadways / Weather Conditions
    New York is home to all four seasons, and winter has proven to be one of the worst for drivers. Snow, ice, rain, sleet and other environmental factors can create unsafe conditions for drivers and put them at greater risk for accidents. Additionally, when the state does not do an adequate job of maintaining their highways and roadways, drivers can suffer accidents because of large potholes, limited visibility, and more.

Protecting Your Rights After a New York City Car Accident

After a serious car accident occurs, you may be wondering about how you can protect your rights and take action to seek justice for the pain you have suffered. With the help of a New York City personal injury lawyer who is experienced and committed, you can gather the necessary evidence and legal backing you need to seek compensation for your injuries, property damage, emotional trauma and more.

Contact a car accident attorney in NYC if you are searching for a lawyer for your personal injury case in New York City, New York.