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Infant Killed in a New Jersey Bus Accident

Another report of an infant killed in a New Jersey bus accident. Not far from New York City, a bus driver was recently involved in a chain reaction crash, putting the lives of his passengers at-risk. In addition to scaring passengers on the bus, the driver’s mistake caused him to hit a pedestrian pushing a baby in a carriage. The infant was killed in the collision. According to reports, the bus driver was on his cell phone when he lost control of his bus.

The large vehicle jumped the curb, hitting a nearby lamppost. The lamppost then fell onto a baby carriage carrying an eight-month-old child. The bus continued to travel and hit another lamppost and some trees before striking several parked cars along the Boulevard East. The baby suffered massive head injuries after the accident and rushed to the hospital along with her mother. The mother lapsed into shock. The bus driver was arrested and charged with reckless driving, using a cell phone while driving, and death by automobile.

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