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Icy Dangers in New York City

During winter, ice seems to be everywhere. Whether it’s icicles dangling from the tops of buildings or the slick ice that coats the sidewalks, ice can be a serious danger to pedestrians in New York city. According to NBC, already emergency rooms are seeing a large number of people for ice-related injuries. Many of these injuries are slip and fall cases which happen when an individual steps onto a slick patch of ice and falls backwards. Slip and fall injuries of this nature can result in serious accidents such as spinal injuries, head and neck injuries, back injuries, sprains, broken limbs, and more. If you suffer a serious injury after a slip and fall accident, and the incident happened on a premises where another individual should have been taking care of slip and fall hazards, then you may have a premises liability lawsuit.

In addition to this, you can also seek compensation if you are injured by a falling icicle. Icicles can be heavy and sharp, so building owners should take care to melt all icicles before they strike a pedestrian from above. According to reports, icicles have killed people in the past. In Russia, icicles in St. Petersburg are already responsible for five deaths this year and 150 injuries. While people often try to monitor the ice on their buildings in New York, there are times that an icicle may tumble to the ground below causing an accident.

Buildings are responsible to monitor the ice collecting on the rooftops and the ground below and use any tactics necessary to reduce hazards that could harm the public. If you are injured by ice in some form or fashion and believe that another party is responsible for your injuries, don’t hesitate to contact the firm today to learn more. With the right New York City personal injury attorney on your side, you will be able to seek compensation in your case and get the financial benefits that you need to cover your medical bills and punitive damages.