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Horse-Drawn Carriage Accidents in NYC

The Central Park horse-drawn carriages are a classic New York icon. While most of the horses are docile and the carriage-drivers are reliable, there are times that there are horse-drawn carriage accidents. These horses and carriages can present a danger to the tourists who often pay for these rides. Back in September, one of the equines pulling one of these carts bucked and bolted into Manhattan traffic breaking the carriage that it was pulling.

The animal was stuck underneath the carriage in the street and the carriage driver held the horse down, hoping to calm it so that it would not run amok. The carriage driver claims that he lost control of the horse when it bolted and sideswiped a hatchback, The cab flipped over and the pinned the horses hind legs. Thankfully there were no passengers aboard this carriage when the horse panicked and put himself in danger.

In another case back in August, one horse that pilled the carriages collapsed on the ground mid-carriage ride when he experienced a bout of colic. If you have been injured by a horse-drawn carriage, whether riding on the rig or when you were hit by one of the horse-and-carriage ensembles, then you need to seek compensation.

At present, the incoming Mayor for New York has announced that he will end New York City’s iconic horse-drawn carriage industry. Because of this, many people are rushing to New York to enjoy a carriage ride before they are no longer offered at the location.

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