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Cruise Ship Stranded in Ice Near Antarctica

A cruise ship left New Zealand on November 28th intending to carry researchers, tourists, and crew through Douglas Mawson’s 1911 voyage to Antarctica. Unfortunately, the case was halted when high winds wrapped sea ice around the ship and caused it to freeze in place. The cruise ship stranded in ice and was unable to move. As a result, the ship has been stuck in one spot since Christmas.

The crew on the boat says that they are currently fine, and that the crew celebrate Christmas on the ship with a feast. Allegedly they have enough food to last several weeks. China dispatched an icebreaker called the Snow Dragon to come help break the ice and free the ship, but the boat had to turn around when it couldn’t make its way through the thick and heavy ice. A French ice breaker also tried to reach the ship but had to call off its mission about twelve miles from where the boat is frozen.

Now, helicopter crews are planning to fly and rescue people off of the ship overhead. The ship’s passengers include 74 tourists, crewmembers and scientists. While those on the boat have high morale, internationally crews are working to help free this ship from where it is stranded in the frigid seas. Cruise ship accidents have been a trend in 2013 with several cruise ship tragedies that have resulted in stranded tourists.

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