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Honda Minivans Recalled for Airbag Concerns

According to Justice News Flash, a collection of Honda minivans may need to be recalled and repaired because of an airbag error that could result in serious injury. According to the Associated Press, about 320,000 Honda Odysseys have already been added to a list of vehicles that are involved in a fault airbag probe that started a few months back. The minivans are all 2003- 2004 models. Reports claim that they pose a risk to both drivers and passengers because they have a propensity to inflate when there has been no crash at all.

The airbags will simply jump out of their compartments without a moment’s notice, and can cause serious accidents if they surprise drivers or impair their vision. Honda has already received six complaints about fault airbags, and three of the cases resulted in injuries. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration plans to determine whether the minivans should all be recalled or whether the car company should deal with the issues on a case-by-case basis. The NHTSA has already dispatched investigators to look into the faulty airbag control computers. There are at least three automakers and over two million vehicles that have been part of the computer errors.

If you are involved in an accident or are harmed by a car with a faulty airbag, then you may have the right to seek compensation from the automaker responsible. This is because all cars should be trustworthy, and automaker should never market or sell vehicles that can pose the risk of injury or death. If you are harmed, you need to contact a New York personal injury attorney today to discuss the options for lawsuits. You may be able to hire a lawyer at Greenberg & Stein to take on your case and eventually get you the compensation that you deserve after a horrible accident. Talk to a lawyer at the firm today!