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Causes of Construction Accidents

It is a valuable question to ask what are the causes of construction accidents. While some construction site accidents are entirely unavoidable, most can be directly attributed to specific causes, which often include carelessness, recklessness or incompetence on the part of someone working at the jobsite. The Occupational Safety & Health Administration collects detailed statistics regarding accidents in all industries, and has issued a list of the ten most frequently cited violations of their own safety standards. In the construction industry, these include regulations concerning construction of scaffolding, measures for preventing falls, methods for safely installing wiring and the equipment and material to be used in doing so, guidelines for the safe operation of trucks and the safe use of ladders. Violations of this type can frequently be discovered to be the cause of an accident which results in serious injury or death.

Determining the Cause of Your Construction Accident

Whether you were injured in a fall from a ladder, a welding accident or a crane collapse, it is important to investigate the situation to determine whether you have grounds to sue for damages. While you could claim workers’ compensation benefits regardless of who is at fault for the accident, this simply may not be enough to pay for all your losses, as workers’ comp only provides limited wage replacement and medical expenses. If another person caused the accident, you have a right to file a personal injury claim to recover comprehensive financial compensation and damages for your pain and suffering. An attorney from our firm can meet with you to discuss the circumstances which led to your accident, and can conduct an investigation which may include taking photographs of the accident scene and collecting statements from co-workers who witnessed the incident.

Construction Accidents Caused by Negligence in New York City

Injuries suffered in a trench collapse or scaffolding accident are frequently the result of the actions-or inaction-of incompetent or reckless fellow crewmembers, as well as co-workers who come to the job site while under the influence of alcohol, street drugs or even medication. It might also be the case that your accident was caused by supervisors or foremen cutting corners in order to save expenses or meet stiff completion deadlines. There is even a possibility that your injuries were caused by defective machinery or equipment, such as ladders which are prone to collapse or power tools malfunctioning. At Greenberg & Stein, P.C., we know that you put your health and safety at risk every day you go to work, and we believe that you have a right to expect that others will exercise the highest level of care to prevent causing an accident. Regardless of the specific circumstances of the accident, if you want help recovering the compensation you deserve you can contact us today.