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Art Exhibit Closed After Patrons Fell Ill

In nearby Pennsylvania, authorities were forced to shut down an art installation in Pittsburgh after three patrons fell ill. The visitors at the display suffered seizures. One 18-year-old woman that was at the exhibition was treated at the scene on Sunday for a seizure. The district EMS Chief says that she was the third person to report illness since the exhibition, Zee by Austrian artist Kurt Hentschlager. The exhibition was set amongst strobe lights and thick artificial fog.

Individuals that wanted to visit the display were required to sign a waiver saying that they acknowledged that the exhibit was set amongst intense stroboscopic light and thick artificial fog. This can result in a loss of spatial orientation. People that have photosensitive epilepsy, breathing problems, heart problems, claustrophobia, anxiety, or migraines were told that they should not go inside the exhibit.

After the illnesses, the exhibit has been shut down and chances will be made to the room before it is reopened. The installation appeared in other venues in the city previously, and some patrons reported seizures in those places as well. Many times traveling exhibits like this are full of strobe lights and other visual affects but they can affect individuals that already have a sensitivity to these types of displays.

There are commonly art exhibits of this nature in New York City as well. If you have suffered adverse effects after attending an exhibit and if you were not warned of the nature of the exhibit beforehand, you may be able to seek compensation form the responsible party. Talk to an attorney promptly if you want more information about premises liability cases of this nature or want to see if your injury constitutes a personal injury case. A professional New York City personal injury attorney at Greenberg & Stein can assist you with your situation today!