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Are You Suffering from Knee Pain After a Car Accident?

Car accidents can result in a variety of different injuries. One common way that drivers and passengers are harmed in car accidents is with a knee injury. If you are suffering from knee pain after a car accident, this information is critical to hear. Oftentimes a driver who is rear-ended will slide forward towards the dashboard with the force of the impact. This can cause the driver’s knee to jam up under the wheel, causing searing pain. This can dislocate the knee or simply damage the joints, bone, or other parts of the knee. In some cases, this impact can have a lasting injury. The driver may be lame, unable to walk, until the knee injury is corrected with surgery.

Normally, if you are injured in a rear-ended collision, it means that the incident was not your fault. Normally any driver behind you is responsible to avoid your car as you are ahead of them and they have better visibility of your vehicle then you do of theirs. Rear-ended collisions commonly happen when the driver behind is speeding and cannot slow properly, or when the driver is following another car too closely. Also, if the driver is practicing distracted driving and is looking at a cell phone, fiddling with the radio, or doing anything that takes his or her focus off of the road, this is a legitimate concern.

Whenever you are hit from behind and this results in a serious knee injury, you shouldn’t let this go. You have the right to seek compensation from the driver-at-fault. He or she may be obligated to pay damages that cover your punitive damages associated with the accident and the medical bills and expenses. If you are going to need future surgeries or physical therapy, then the driver-at-fault may be ordered to cover these expenses as well. Don’t get stuck paying for expenses that you don’t want to cover! Hire a New York City personal injury lawyer at our firm today for more information!