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About IRWE’s and Work-Related Injuries

The term IRWE refers to an impairment-related work expense. These are costs that are typically associated with assistive items or services that are provided for individuals at the work place that have disabilities.

The government commands that companies hire disabled individuals if they are capable of performing the job for which they applied with the same efficiency that another worker could provide. If that disabled individual needs assistance to perform the job, then the company is required to furnish the disabled individual’s needs.

Sometimes, IRWEs can include medical devices needed, adaptive home renovations, transportation costs to and from work, and assistive living services. If you were injured at work, then you cannot lawfully be terminated simply because of your injury.

If you were not treated fairly and your employers encouraged you to leave your job after you suffered an injury that lead to disability, then you may need to get the courts involved. You want to make sure that you are receiving fair treatment given your condition, and that you are not being taken advantage of or being uninformed of the rights that you have.

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