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About New York Scaffold Law Reform

In New York, there is a scaffolding law which is written into the New York Labor laws and determines whether or not scaffolding is safe depending on a variety of factors. Section 240 of the current law determines that property owners and construction contractors can be liable in the event of an injury that is sustained by a construction worker while working on a project at an elevated height.

Yet reform advocates believe that the law is a hindrance to job creation, and want the New York government to reform it. As well, reform advocates claim that the scaffolding laws heighten construction costs, and don’t allow for maximum site safety.

Without legal protections to help ensure workers that they are provided with equipment, the construction environment at New York City worksites becomes even more dangerous. All construction sites should be required to provide safety equipment that can prevent falls or injuries on scaffolding. The laws of the state already provide that if an employer violates the laws within the New York Labor Laws they can be held liable for any injuries that occur.

If reform efforts lead to a new New York Scaffold Law, then negligence can be apportioned in accordance with the actions of each party involved. This could mean that in some lawsuits blame may even be shifted to the victim of the accident if the employer chooses to argue that he or she wasn’t cautious.

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