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Tricycles Recalled for Fall/Control Dangers

When you buy toys for your child, you want to make sure that they will be enjoyable, fun, and safe. That’s why it is important that you take all recalls by the Consumer Product and Safety Commission seriously and don’t allow your children to use toys that have been listed on this website. Recently, Huffy, a well-known bike and scooter company, recalled their slider tricycles because of fall hazards and control hazards with the bikes. The tricycles are designed so that the seat is low to the ground and the pedals are higher. The tricycles may sound like a great way to get your child out and exercising, but a reported issued on April 17th, 2013 says that the tricycles can cause serious falls and are difficult to control in some circumstances.

Slider tricycles were recalled after consumers noticed that the handlebar on the bike can often loosen unexpectedly while in use. This can cause the rider to lose control and poses a fall and crash hazard. A child that is riding the bike at a high speed could be significantly injured. The CPSC has reported that the product recalled is the 2012 model year 20-inch three-wheeled Slider. The tricycle has a white frame and a black seat and handlebars. Huffy is printed on the frame of the bike and the word Slider is also pointed. The tricycles were sold all throughout the United States at Toys R Us stores.

Huffy says that there have not been any injuries reported in connection with the bike as of yet. Instead, Huffy hopes to avoid any injuries in connection with the bike by repairing all defective items promptly. The company says that they will give a full refund to anyone who brings their bike back to the company. About 5,040 bikes have been sold in the past year and will need to be sent back. If your child is injured by a toy or product that was defective, then you may be able to seek compensation from the company that was responsible for the dangerous mistake. Talk about product liability lawsuits with a New York City personal injury attorney at Greenberg & Stein right away.