Pedestrian Accident Attorneys

Pedestrian Accident Attorneys


Greenberg & Stein are personal injury lawyers specializing in pedestrian accident claims.

Pedestrians represent a significant portion of daily commuters in big cities like NYC. Every year, New York City is the site of many serious accidents involving people who are walking, jogging, or running alongside a road.

In a crowded city, it often does not take much to cause a collision. For example, you may be crossing a road when a driver runs a red light and barrels into you. Or you may be crossing a street in a crosswalk when someone fails to yield the right of way because of distracted driving.

Regardless of the circumstances, pedestrian accidents are often life-threatening and result in severe injuries. The medical bills and lost wages from work alone don’t take long to add up. However, if a driver acted negligently, he or she may be liable for your injuries. Consequently, you have the legal right to pursue financial damages related to the accident. The personal injury attorneys of Greenberg & Stein are ready to fight on your behalf.

Who Is Responsible for Your Pedestrian Accident and Injuries?

According to the Department of Motor Vehicles, there were 11,084 pedestrians injured in motor vehicle accidents in 2010, in addition to 149 pedestrian fatalities. The cost of all hospitalizations for pedestrian accidents throughout the city totaled $317,066,849.13 in a recent year, marking accidents of this nature dangerous, financially devastating, and all too common.

A 2010 report issued by the NYC Department of Transportation, the New York City Pedestrian Safety Study & Action Plan, concluded that passenger vehicles were involved in 73% of all pedestrian crashes, followed in prevalence by trucks at 12.3% and buses and taxis at 7.3% each.

Of these pedestrian accidents, the most common causes included:

  •     Distracted Drivers: 36%
  •     Pedestrian Mistakes: 21.5%
  •     Failure to Yield Right of Way: 20.6%
  •     Speeding: 8.3%

Other leading causes of pedestrian accidents included backing out of a driveway or parking space without looking, driving drunk, running a red light or stop sign, and aggressive driving. Unfortunately, pedestrians who are struck by a moving vehicle commonly suffer severe injuries, ranging from broken bones and traumatic brain injury to paralyzing spinal cord injuries and permanent disability.

A New York City personal injury attorney from Greenberg & Stein is ready to meet with you today, even in your home or at the hospital, to discuss the impact that your accident had on your life. We can help you take the first steps toward filing a personal injury claim for your pain and suffering.

“Duty of Care” in NYC Pedestrian Accidents

New York City is a bustling empire with some of the most complicated traffic systems in the country. It is not surprising that car accidents occur daily, yet pedestrian-related crashes should have zero-tolerance.

Pedestrian and vehicle accidents generally hinge on the duty of care owed by those involved. It is important to note that both drivers and pedestrians need to follow the rules of the road and exercise reasonable care as a result. For example, pedestrians have designated places and times to cross busy streets for a reason. If they choose to cross elsewhere, it is considered jaywalking.

On the other hand, drivers need to exercise a reasonable duty of care when operating a motor vehicle on the road. When you file a personal injury claim, the court will examine a driver’s duty of care to determine negligence and liability. Learn how to file a claim for your injuries following a pedestrian accident in NYC.

Seek Financial Compensation with an NYC Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Every year, nearly 5,000 pedestrians die in motor vehicle-related accidents. Additionally, another 76,000 pedestrians suffer injuries, many of which significantly alter your way of life and potential to earn income as a productive worker. Unfortunately, many of these instances could have been avoided with more precautions taken by the liable driver.

In other circumstances, pedestrian accidents occur without the involvement of a vehicle. For example, poor maintenance on a sidewalk or parking lot defects can result in a slip and fall accident. Additionally, lackluster maintenance and upkeep of essential accessories like handrails can also lead to a pedestrian accident.

Whether you’ve been injured by a vehicle or property defect, injured pedestrians have a right to file a lawsuit against a responsible party. This allows you to recover damages for your injuries suffered—but you’ll need to prove that another party acted negligently and therefore is liable for your damages.

Negligence is a failure to do (or not do) something that a reasonable person in a similar situation would do to avoid the accident. In New York City, pedestrians must prove the following for a court to acknowledge that another party is at fault for your injuries:

  •     The other party had a legal duty to the plaintiff (injured party) under the circumstances.
  •     They failed to fulfill (or breached) the legal duty through action or inaction.
  •     This breach caused an accident or injury involving the plaintiff.
  •     The accident harmed or injured the plaintiff because of negligence.

It is worth mentioning that if a pedestrian is injured in an accident, more than one party could be responsible for your injuries. For example, a driver of a vehicle and a party that maintains a road, sidewalk, or parking lot where the individual was injured could each be held partially responsible for your injuries.

Injured pedestrians need to contact an attorney as soon as possible to pursue damages related to an accident. An NYC pedestrian accident attorney from the team at Greenberg & Stein is here to assist you in your journey to seek justice for the negligence of others. You shouldn’t have to confront your expensive medical bills and dire financial circumstances alone if someone else is liable for your injuries.

Commonly Asked Questions About New York City Pedestrian Accidents

Have a question about a pedestrian accident you had in New York City? View our video library, which answers the most frequently asked questions regarding pedestrian accidents in New York City.

How Many Pedestrians Are Killed in NYC Every Year?

There are more than 300 pedestrian-related deaths each year in New York City. These accidents fall under the category of motor vehicle traffic-related injuries in which the role of the injured person is unspecified.

The health department reports that pedestrian accidents kill 1.6 of every 100,000 New Yorkers. The rates are the highest for males between the ages of 20 to 24. The second highest age group that is at risk of pedestrian accidents in New York City are adults over the age of 65.

Overall, car accidents and pedestrian accidents rank high as a cause of death in the United States. There are 19,000 car accidents per month in the country. This means that nearly 700 car accidents occur per day throughout the United States, with an astonishing rate of 28 car accidents per hour.

Whenever you travel on roads as a pedestrian, it is essential to exercise the utmost caution. Even then, some events are outside your control as a pedestrian dealing with a negligent driver. If you are injured in a pedestrian accident, you should contact a reputable law firm immediately.

Contact Greenberg & Stein, P.C. for Assistance

Tens of thousands of pedestrians are injured each year in the United States. Even small accidents can be devastating to pedestrians. If you were hit, you should contact the law firm of Greenberg & Stein as soon as possible. You deserve strong, committed representation, and our team will deliver exactly that.

When you work with Greenberg & Stein, you can rest assured that your case will be handled by trusted and highly experienced New York pedestrian accident lawyers who have your best interests in mind. We’ll work to secure the highest amount of compensation available while allowing you the time, space, and peace of mind to recover from your injuries. Contact our team today and schedule your free and confidential case evaluation as soon as possible.

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