Landlord Liability in New York City

Were you injured at your own residence? Tenants can be injured in their home for myriad reasons. Uneven steps, slipping and falling, and poor flooring are just a few of the potential causes. Although it may seem like your fault when you fall or are injured in your home, it is sometimes the fault of your landlord for not holding up his or her end of the bargain.

Greenberg & Stein represent cases of landlord liability in New York City. Know your rights.

Landlord Liability and Premises Liability Law

Under the premises liability law, landlords are responsible for keeping their rental properties in safe condition for their tenants. Landlord liability is a real and needs to be taken seriously. Landlords are expected to keep their property safe. This means taking proper safety procedures and making repairs when necessary. When a tenant or visitor is injured on the property, landlords can be held responsible under the premises liability law.

This means that if a landlord or property manager is negligent in their responsibility to maintain the property, he or she may be held responsible for the injury suffered. The landlord has a legal duty to keep their properties reasonably safe for intended uses. Basically, if a tenant was using a part of the property as it was intended to be used and suffered an injury, the landlord can and should be held responsible.

Landlord Liability and Property Negligence

If you think you’ve suffered an injury due to negligence of the property’s upkeep, you are smart to seek legal representation, and seek it quickly. With the help of a qualified and experienced NYC personal injury attorney like Greenberg & Stein, you may be able to receive compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, lost earnings, physical disability, emotional distress, and more. Furthermore, if any of your possessions were damaged due to poor maintenance, you could recover compensation for those as well.

For a tenant to file a premises liability claim against his or her landlord, the following elements must be present:

  • It was the landlord’s responsibility to maintain the portion of the premises where the accident occurred.
  • The landlord failed to take reasonable actions to prevent the accident.
  • It would not have been unreasonably difficult or expensive to fix the problem or hazard.
  • The serious injury was the likely consequence of not fixing the identified problem or hazard.
  • The landlord’s failure (or negligence) caused the tenant’s accident and injuries.

For more information on landlord liability, visit AllLaw. Often times a landlord or property manager will try and defend his or her case by negating one of the previously mentioned elements. They may try to argue that they did not owe the tenant the duty that led to their injury, among other reasons. This is why seeking legal representation is a smart choice.

Know Your Premise Liability Rights

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If you’ve been injured in any way due to unsafe conditions or poor maintenance of your home, it is wise to seek legal representation immediately. Why wait? Call Greenberg & Stein, P.C. today for a free consultation to discuss your options.

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