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What is a New York City Premises Liability Attorney?

Premises liability is an area of injury law that relates to accidents or injuries suffered on the property of someone else, the sidewalk and/or street are most often due to hazardous or negligent conditions on that property. These are injuries that occur on an almost daily basis across New York City and cover a wide range of different locations including public and private places.

Property owners and landlords are legally responsible for ensuring that their property is reasonably safe to any visitors, residents, or employees and that they provide protections to those who are permitted on their land. In the event of someone failing to do this, resulting in injuries to another person, that could be grounds for a valid personal injury claim.

Suffering an injury while out and about and on the property of someone else is always unexpected and the injuries can often be severe. Depending on the type of accident and the circumstances, you may be confused about whether the accident was caused by clumsiness on your part or was due to a dangerous property condition. You should immediately consider whether or not the property caused the safety hazard, whether they knew about it and did nothing, or whether they should have known about it. If the answer to any of those questions is yes, then you may have a potential premises liability case.

These types of injuries can occur in many different settings, ranging from office buildings, retail stores, parking structures, malls, schools, apartment buildings, construction sites, sidewalks, streets and much more. Sources of injury could be caused by cracks or unlevelled pieces of the walking surface, inadequate lighting, wet walkways, broken or uneven steps, malfunctioning elevators, loose rugs or flooring, cluttered walkways, or a failure to warn of potentially hazardous conditions.

The most common type of premises liability case involves a slip/trip and fall accident. Many times, the victim of a slip/trip and fall accident is often embarrassed at having fallen in public, and then being the center of attention as they attempt to collect themselves. In the immediate aftermath, they often dismiss any injuries and tell everyone they are fine, so they can escape the embarrassment, only to realize a little later that they have suffered a serious injury that is often related to the back, neck, or a point of articulation.

In these instances, you may have grounds for filing a premises liability case. While some people deride these types of cases as “get rich quick” schemes. That is an unfair assessment. Victims of these types of accidents often suffer severe and long-term pain and injury, all of which could have been avoided if not for the negligence of another individual who caused or allowed dangerous conditions to exist on their property. What is truly unfair is when these victims suffer the pain and have to pay out of pocket for mounting medical bills and treatment for what should have been an otherwise avoidable situation.

The roll of a New York City premises liability attorney, such as those at Greenberg & Stein, is to ensure that justice is received in these cases and property owners are held accountable for maintaining safety standards that protect all of us. If you’ve been injured on the property of someone else and believe that they were at fault, you should immediately contact our team of premises liability attorneys.

The team at Greenberg & Stein has more than 75 years of combined experience handling all manner of premises liability and personal injury accidents and lawsuits.

Every case is unique, and you can be assured that our team will explore every legal option available in order to ensure that you receive a fair and just compensation if you’ve been injured.

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