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Toy Safety for the Holidays

All throughout New York, individuals are preparing the department stores and streets for Christmas. With Christmas comes the season to go Christmas shopping and purchase presents for your loved ones. When buying toys for children this year, it is important that you take note of toy safety and only purchase age-appropriate and safe items for your loved ones. It is possible for children to be severely hurt by dangerous and damaging toys.

The CPSC cautions individuals to avoid purchasing any toys that have sharp edges. For example, if a toy has sharp metal or glass it should be off limits. Also, avoid purchasing toys for your children with long strings, ribbons, or cords. It is very easy for children to wrap these dangerous items around their neck and cause serious injuries. Also, avoid toys with sharp points such as wires or prongs. Even some stuffed toys may have wires which can be exposed if the toy is handled excessively.

People should also avoid purchasing propelled objects for children. Normally, these are objects like darts or heavy balls that could cause harm. Be cautious when purchasing items that make loud noises, such as cap guns. If a cap gun is placed too close to a child’s ear, it can damage his or her hearing. Electric toys should be preserved for children over the age of eight. Young children may mishandled these electric toys and accidentally cause an electrocution.

Do not give toddlers or teething infants any toys with small parts that they can place in their mouths. If you purchased a product that was marketed to the incorrect age of children or proved to be harmful, you may be able to seek compensation from the product manufacturer. Talk with a New York City personal injury attorney today if you want to learn more!