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Ross Stores Agrees to $3.9 Million Civil Penalty for Illegal Sales

The Consumer Product Safety Commission regulates the sale of all items in stores across America. As a result, they are responsible of confronting stores that don’t comply with the government policies or sell recalled or dangerous products to the citizens of the United States.

Recently, the CPSC learned that Ross clothing stores failed to report to the CPSC immediately after they received about 23,000 upper outerwear child’s garments that had drawstrings at the neck or the waist. These clothing items were sold or marketed for sale within the stores.

All children’s clothes cannot have these drawstrings as they present a strangulation hazard. The CPSC announced a recall of all clothing with these drawstrings in 2011. The CPSC became concerned with drawstrings on children’s clothing as early as 1996. In 2009 Ross stores were fined $500,000 for failing to report that they had received shipments of children’s clothes with these dangerous drawstrings.

In this incident, Ross stores were reprimanded and instructed to always report any shipments of drawstring clothes immediately. They failed to do this the second time around. Now, the government refuses to tolerate Ross’ deceptive actions, and will fine the store $3.9 Million for their error.

No one has reported injury from the dangerous children’s clothes, but if you have purchased children’s track suits, sweatshirts, and sweatpants with long drawstrings you should return the clothing immediately. Ross is not required to implement and maintain a compliance program which will ensure that there is compliance with the reporting requirements.

If your child suffers strangulation or dies from strangulation because of a clothing item with illegal and dangerous drawstrings, then you need to contact a New York City perosnal injury attorney immediately for assistance in seeking compensation. You need to hold the retail store where you purchased this product accountable for their illegal activity.